Lux-Pain Action Replay Cheat Codes


Play Time is 00
020A96D4 00000000

Max Play Time 00
12030FA0 00001000

Infinite SP
02030C78 E1A00003

Simple Worm Detachment
12031F36 0000E3A0
12031F3A 0000E1C4

Infinite Life in Inner World
0207805C E1A00000

One Hit Kill
02077F98 E3A01000

The empirical value is biggest
020A96D8 000F423F

After obtaining the empirical value, the empirical value is biggest
1201E030 0000106C

Silent film infection percentage is 1%
220A9894 00000001

The silent film infection percentage changes latter 1%
1207921E 0000E3A0
12079222 0000E1C0

After kissing the density change, is biggest
12028A46 0000E18C

Kisses the density whole staff to be biggest
020A9898 03E703E7
E20A989C 00000018
03E703E7 03E703E7
03E703E7 03E703E7
03E703E7 03E703E7

Damage Multiplier Codes:

Damage x 2
12077F98 00001044

Damage x 4
12077F98 00001084

Damage x 8
12077F98 000010C4

Damage x 16
12077F98 00001104

Damage x 32
12077F98 00001144

Experience obtained Multiplier Codes :

Exp x 2
1201E02C 00000040

Exp x 4
1201E02C 00000080

Exp x 8
1201E02C 000000C0

Exp x 16
1201E02C 00000100

Exp x 32
1201E02C 00000140

All Open Codes :

All Archives

220A96B3 000000FF


All Galleries

220A96BF 000000F0


220A96C4 0000001F

220A96CC 000000C3

All Personal Data

220A980F 00000022

020A9810 22222222

020A9814 22222222

020A9818 22222222

020A981C 22222222

020A9820 22222222

120A9824 00002222

220A9826 00000022

All Mind Data

E20A9880 00000010



All Fort Data

220A9827 000000FC



All Silent Data

220A97D7 000000FC

120A97D8 0000FFFF

220A97DA 00000003

All Phonograph Data


220A9844 0000000E

The stage prop all starts
220A97C9 000000F0
220A97CA 000000FF

All QR Cards

220A97CD 000000FC

120A97CE 0000FFFF

120A97D0 000001FF

All Mail Address
220A97D3 00000060
120A97D4 000002F6

All Ringtones

120A97D6 000001FF


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